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Vol 4 (2018) 1²-ARPES: The ultra high resolution photoemission station at the U112-PGM-2a-1² beamline at BESSY II Abstract   Article A128   Article A128 - small
Andrei Varykhalov
Vol 2 (2016) AIM Data Services Abstract   Article A73   Article A73 - small
Michael Scholz, Lucas Schubert
Vol 3 (2017) AIM in-vehicle platform for ITS services Abstract   Article A109   Article A109 - small
Claus Kaschwich, Lars Wölfel
Vol 2 (2016) AIM Mobile Traffic Acquisition: Instrument toolbox for detection and assessment of traffic behavior Abstract   Article A74   Article A74 - small
Sascha Knake-Langhorst, Kay Gimm
Vol 3 (2017) AIM reference track - test site for V2X communication systems and cooperative ITS services Abstract   Article A106   Article A106 - small
Tobias Frankiewicz, Alexander Burmeister
Vol 2 (2016) AIM Research Intersection: Instrument for traffic detection and behavior assessment for a complex urban intersection Abstract   Article A65   Article A65 - small
Sascha Knake-Langhorst, Kay Gimm
Vol 2 (2016) Airborne Imaging Spectrometer HySpex Abstract   Article A93   Article A93 - small
Claas Henning Köhler
Vol 2 (2016) ALICE: A diffractometer/reflectometer for soft X-ray resonant magnetic scattering at BESSY II Abstract   Article A69   Article A69 - small
Radu-Marius Abrudan, Florin Radu
Vol 1 (2015) ANTARES: Cold neutron radiography and tomography facility Abstract   Article A17   Article A17 - small
Michael Schulz, Burkhard Schillinger
Vol 2 (2016) Autonomous Underwater Vehicle „ABYSS“ Abstract   Article A79   Article A79 - small
Peter Linke, Klas Lackschewitz
Vol 2 (2016) BALU: Largest autoclave research facility in the world Abstract   Article A57   Article A57 - small
Hakan Ucan, Felix Kruse, Martin Wiedemann
Vol 1 (2015) BIODIFF: Diffractometer for large unit cells Abstract   Article A2   Article A2 - small
Andreas Ostermann, Tobias Schrader
Vol 2 (2016) BioRef: The Reflectometer for Biological Applications (V18) at BER II Abstract   Article A99   Article A99 - small
Marcus Trapp
Vol 1 (2015) CDBS: Coincident Doppler-broadening spectrometer Abstract   Article A23   Article A23 - small
Christoph Hugenschmidt
Vol 2 (2016) CISSY: A station for preparation and surface/interface analysis of thin film materials and devices Abstract   Article A67   Article A67 - small
Iver Lauermann, Alexander Steigert
Vol 2 (2016) CONRAD-2: Cold Neutron Tomography and Radiography at BER II (V7) Abstract   Article A98   Article A98 - small
Nikolay Kardjilov, André Hilger, Ingo Manke
Vol 6 (2020) CryoEXAFS: X-ray absorption spectroscopy station with cryogenic or in-beam operando electrochemistry sample conditions at BESSY II Abstract   Article A139   Article A139 - small
Götz Schuck, Ivo Zisak
Vol 2 (2016) CXS: Coherent X-ray scattering at the UE49-SGM at BESSY II Abstract   Article A56   Article A56 - small
Dieter Engel, Durga Mishra, Stefan Eisebitt
Vol 3 (2017) DEPAS (Deutscher Geräte-Pool für amphibische Seismologie): German Instrument Pool for Amphibian Seismology Abstract   Article A122   Article A122 - small
Mechita Christa Schmidt-Aursch, Christian Haberland
Vol 2 (2016) DESY NanoLab Abstract   Article A76   Article A76 - small
Andreas Stierle, Thomas F. Keller, Heshmat Noei, Vedran Vonk, Ralf Roehlsberger
Vol 1 (2015) DNS: Diffuse scattering neutron time-of-flight spectrometer Abstract   Article A27   Article A27 - small
Yixi Su, Kirill Nemkovskiy, Sultan Demirdiş
Vol 2 (2016) Drilling Information System (DIS) and Core Scanner Abstract   Article A63   Article A63 - small
Ronald Conze
Vol 4 (2018) E2: The Flat-Cone Diffractometer at BER II Abstract   Article A129   Article A129 - small
Jens-Uwe Hoffmann, Manfred Reehuis
Vol 2 (2016) E3: Residual Stress Neutron Diffractometer at BER II Abstract   Article A100   Article A100 - small
Mirko Boin, Robert C. Wimpory
Vol 3 (2017) E4: The 2-Axis Diffractometer at BER II Abstract   Article A104   Article A104 - small
Karel Prokes, Fabiano Yokoachiya
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