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Vol 2 (2016) The variable polarization undulator beamline UE52 SGM at BESSY II Abstract   Article A70   Article A70 - small
Piter Sybren Miedema, Wislon Quevedo, Mattis Fondell
Vol 2 (2016) THz Electron Paramagnetic Resonance / THz Spectroscopy at BESSY II Abstract   Article A51   Article A51 - small
Karsten Holldack, Alexander Schnegg
Vol 1 (2015) TOFTOF: Cold neutron time-of-flight spectrometer Abstract   Article A15   Article A15 - small
Wiebke Lohstroh, Zachary Evenson
Vol 3 (2017) TREFF: Reflectometer and instrument component test beamline at MLZ Abstract   Article A121   Article A121 - small
Peter Link, Egor Vezhlev, Stefan Mattauch, Andreas Ofner
Vol 1 (2015) TRISP: Three axes spin echo spectrometer Abstract   Article A37   Article A37 - small
Thomas Keller, Bernhard Keimer
Vol 1 (2015) UE112_PGM-1: An open-port low-energy beamline at the BESSY II undulator UE112 Abstract   Article A33   Article A33 - small
Gregor Schiwietz, Martin Beye, Torsten Kachel
Vol 3 (2017) UTRaLab – Urban Traffic Research Laboratory Abstract   Article A116   Article A116 - small
Karsten Kozempel, Andreas Luber, Marek Junghans
Vol 2 (2016) V1: Membrane Diffractometer at BER II Abstract   Article A94   Article A94 - small
Thomas Hauß
Vol 2 (2016) V4: The Small Angle Scattering Instrument (SANS) at BER II Abstract   Article A97   Article A97 - small
Uwe Keiderling, Charl Jafta
Vol 3 (2017) V6: The Reflectometer at BER II Abstract   Article A114   Article A114 - small
Marcus Trapp
Vol 2 (2016) XPP: X-ray Pump Probe station at BESSY II Abstract   Article A89   Article A89 - small
Matthias Reinhardt, Wolfram Leitenberger
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